Craft explosion

It’s been a busy few days. Kiddo’s froggy costume is officially in progress! Here’s a little preview.



I’m attempting to take shots as I go so that I can do a full on make your own froggy costume tutorial. We’ll see how that goes 🙂 I am far from a professional. I don’t know the snazzy terms. I also usually have a helper (as you can see her drawing on my attempts at making patterns on cut up paper bags):


She was pretty interested in helping today as I pulled out the sewing machine. I let her press the foot pedal as I went. It’s like my own attempt at “EXTREME SEWING!” (That’s a thing right?) You never know how fast it’s gonna go.

We went out to a farm last weekend…there was a petting area. I’m pretty sure if we let her just hold the rabbit all day, she would have. So sweet. If we didn’t have our dog I may have been tempted to get a bunny since I’m a huge pushover when it comes to uber sweetness like this:

Anyways…the first batch of coin pendants is done!

And we have a monster banner:

I got the idea here, but I used paper instead of felt and made holes with scissors instead of a hole punch…cause that’s how I roll 😉

My little artist is forever expanding the art wall

Woo hoo for crafty explosion! We may not be able to see the kitchen table, and there is glitter slowly invading most of the house, but its fun! 🙂

Hollar if you’d like any how to’s for what you see. 🙂




Autumn is definitely in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest. The trees are changing, it’s chillier, and the ever present rain is back.


I don’t mind the rain, I love listening to how it sounds and smelling the air after a good downpour. I just wish kiddo weren’t on week 5 of a cold so that we could do more puddle stomping.

But…since we are indoors, may as well be crafty and celebrate the season! I started putting “homemade potpourri” on the stove to make the house smell all yummy. All you have to do is take a sauce pan, throw in water and add spices you would put in most pumpkin related baked goods (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice). If you happen to eat an apple, pear, or orange, throw in the cores or some skin. Mmmm, smells so yummy!

Anyway, here is some of what we’ve been making. I’ve been missing having time to craft especially with a little someone only taking her nap sometimes, so we just do art together now. For example, the other day we did some hand tracings which became your classic turkey:


As well as a tracing of her and her daddy’s hand which became some trees and a sunshine:


I also cut out some pumpkins for her to decorate:



And, since we have an orange wall, threw up some jack-o-lantern faces:


I’m also trying my hand at those coin pendant thingy’s. Not done yet (or fully dry in this pic), but liking the look so far:


Anywho, more in store soon. A little someone has requested to be a pink froggy with pink polka dots for Halloween. I picked up the fabric, but haven’t managed to start it yet. Cutting and sewing is a bit harder to do with a helper, though I may be able to convince her to let me work on it a bit tomorrow. I tried bribing her about sewing today saying she could work the foot pedal, but she was not game. 🙂

And now my pregnant butt is going to go rest, because my butt literally hurts. It’s that nerve thing that goes from your back down your leg, but it’s pretty much centered on the behind. Pregnancy butt nerve pain…that’s a thing right? Not to complain, just one of those things that happen. I am beyond blessed to be able to bring a little one into the world and can easily handle some pain in the caboose. It’s probably from all the awesome floor sitting lately, what with blanket forts and living room picnics.



I’m a picture taking addict

Seriously, since my daughter was born back in May of 2011, I have taken so many pictures.  It’s out of control.  I also seem to hoard them on my phone to the point where I run out of memory (first world problems, eh?)

But can you blame me???



So what do you do with a bajillion pictures?  I’m not completely sure.  At this point I’ve at least printed out a couple and hung them up around the house.  I think it’ll be neat for her to see them when she’s older.  In the meantime though, what to do…scrapbooking?  overfilling back up drives?

It’s neat to look back at her transformations over the last two years.


I know it’s super cliche, but time really does go so fast.  And now she has a little brother on the way (due this January).  So crazy.

I guess I’m just in a reminiscing sort of mood this evening.  Having my daughter has definitely changed my entire world.  I never pictured myself as a stay at home mom.  I was pretty darn career driven up until her birth.  I got my Master’s degree by the time I was 25.  I shot straight through school and worked at the same time.  I walked away from my full time job after she was born, and, once this second one comes along, I’m also leaving my private counseling practice.  Honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful that I have the option to do this.  Sure it makes money tighter, but the time I’ve been honored to have raising this little girl is worth so much more than the money.  So much more.  Becoming a mom has changed so much of my world, and I am a much stronger person for it (metaphorically and literally, I’m surprised by how much I can lift at this point 😀 ).

Of course it’s not all been a crazy blissed out happy train.  I wouldn’t trade any of it, but there, of course, have been plenty of bumps in the road.  Illnesses, being peed on more times than I can count, attempting to cloth diaper and splashing myself in the face while shaking poop off in the toilet (more than once of course…you would think you’d only make that mistake once…), the endless cycle of worrying that you’re not doing it right (or doing enough), spousal relationship implosion and rebuilding, negotiating the rocky waters of temper tantrums and learning emotional regulation, the baby fingernails to the eyeball (omg…those suckers are sharp, ow ow ow).  I could go on, but, realistically, these aren’t the things that I choose to focus on, more just a reality of what comes along with bringing a smooshy, bundle of sunshine into this world.

I choose to focus on the cuddles, and the blossoming sense of humor (oh yes, I fully support her current poop jokes as well as her knock knock punchline of banana for pretty much everything), the creativity, the play, the learning, the curiosity, the wonder, the puddle jumping, the holding slugs, the music, the giggles, the choo choo train marches through the house, the mud food, the messes, the doodles.  I could also go on and on about these 😀

It’s been quite the ride so far.  I look forward for what’s to come.