Cooking with little ones

I love cooking with my daughter. It’s definitely taught me to let go and embrace the mess (recipes don’t have to be exact in this house!).

The other day I was making biscuits at dinner, and I asked my daughter what shape they should be. “Bah ha ha ha sheep!” She replied. Lol. So we had sheep biscuits:

One of my favorite cooking tricks with kiddos is using flax seed meal to make an egg replacement. That way they can lick their fingers and taste test without salmonella risk.

Flax egg replacer
1 tbsp flax meal + 3 tbsp water = 1 egg
Mix and let sit a bit then add to your recipe whenever you’d normally add eggs.

Works great. I picked up a giant bag of organic flax meal from Costco and it’s lasted a long time so far. Great stuff. We also sprinkle it on oatmeal in the morning.

At this point my daughter loves to be my official taste tester and she helps out in all sorts of ways in the kitchen. She also pretend cooks a lot. I love to hear the different mixes she comes up with. Why yes I’d love an apple, cheese, pickle, chocolate, lettuce, vanilla sandwich…wouldn’t you?


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