Well that was a rough few weeks

Finally coming out of the haze. I think the universe thought my last post was funny…or maybe a challenge…because a lot if crying has happened the last few weeks.

Illness swept our house. Kiddo got hand foot mouth, and as I repeatedly told random family members, no, not hoof and mouth.

Anyway, poor bugger got sores in her mouth and was just miserable for a few days. She was also fairly devastated about not being able to eat. She’s really verbal and hearing her say things like, “I’m sad I can’t eat” was pretty heart wrenching. Fortunately, we powered through with Popsicles, ibuprofen, and powdered pb mixed in milk.

Apparently through her few days of illness I wasn’t tending my own cold, which morphed into a sinus infection on one side of my head. I ended up getting one of those nasal rinse kits for some relief, and can I just say, what comes out of one’s face with those is rather disturbing.

Anywho, we survived (though the house is still slow on the recovery), and we managed to have a lovely Thanksgiving.

I (as usual) went overboard on dessert making. I made a gluten, dairy, and soy free pie for my allergic family members (almond meal crust and pumpkin pudding filling):

And a blueberry and a cherry pie (which were very gluten and dairy filled):



And a chocolate mousse that my taste tester very much enjoyed;

We also made a pretend mailbox that kiddo loves to use:

And of course we continued making various turkeys:



Now we’ve been embracing the Christmas season (yep, I’m one of those people). The stockings are hung:

Lights are springing up:


Christmas music is happening, and even the dog is reluctantly participating:

Ack! 8 weeks until baby #2 arrives! Craziness.

Here’s to hoping you and yours have a lovely day ❤


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